7. March 2018

Stanztec Booked Out Again

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Trade Fair for Stamping Technology in Pforzheim Enjoys Ever-Increasing Popularity

The Stanztec trade fair for stamping technologies will present stamping technology at its best for the sixth time from the 19th through the 21st of June, 2018. Top specialists from precision and stamping technology will meet here under a single roof at the Pforzheim Congress Centre (CCP).

Stanztec as Eldorado for Full Service Suppliers

The trend in this field of technology is moving towards full-service suppliers who are no longer just an extended workbench for stampings which are marketed in the automotive, aviation and aerospace industries. Customers enjoy the full range of services offered today by technologically advanced manufacturers and suppliers who not only provide pure stamping services, but rather deburring, joining, surface finishing, plastic overmoulding and even the assembly of entire modules and subsystems as well – by means of semi or fully automated processes. This development is reflected by the specialised trade fair held in Pforzheim, where manufacturers and distributors of stamping technology equipment and tooling present convincing solutions to expert visitors from all over the world.

Increasing Number of International Expert Visitors

Speaking of expert visitors, the number of interested parties who gather information once every two years at Stanztec regarding the latest developments in the product and service offerings of the more than 160 exhibitors from four countries is rising continuously. Whereas roughly 3300 visitors attended the event in 2014, more than 3500 travelled to the trade fair in 2016. Project manager Georg Knauer of trade fair promoters P.E. Schall GmbH & Co. KG is expecting a further increase in Stanztec visitor numbers this year. “Visitor internationalism has increased as well in recent years. Interested parties from 23 countries attended the last event”, including experts from Italy, Spain, Denmark, Sweden, Poland and Hungary.

High Levels of Innovation in Stamping Technology

Automotive and aviation are amongst the most demanding industry sectors. But food producers, machinery manufacturers, chemical concerns and electronics manufacturers, for example, also demand top-quality parts and associated services. Companies in the field of precision and stamping technology are only able to live up to these exacting demands if they improve themselves continuously. As is the case in many industry sectors, this involves good quality management, more and more automation and improved processing sequences. Beyond this, automation, high-performance tooling, high-performance stamped components and complete modules with integrated functions are in demand as well. Schall organises its trade fair in accordance with these market trends and their functional application in actual processing practice, with the intention of exhibiting the tools which help manufacturers, processors and the expert visitors in their routine daily work. “All of Schall’s trade fairs are dedicated to an orientation towards practical benefits”, confirms Knauer.

With High-End Stamping Technology to Future Production Scenarios

Furthermore, the sixth Stanztec will not only showcase present-day technologies, processes, presses, tooling and stamping peripherals. With a look to the future, innovations will be presented at the event which will take on an important role for work in the future. High-end stamping technology and stamped products provide the basis for increasingly complex mechatronic and micro-systems components, assemblies, subsystems and complete devices, for which market demand is steadily increasing. The challenges coupled with this trend include advancing functions integration, increasing variants diversity and the associated fluctuation with regard to manufacturing lot quantities.