Product novelty 23. April 2020

No limits in precision and productivity

YASDA PRECISION TOOLS K.K has made a name for itself as a specialist in ultra-precision milling. The YASDA team regularly manages to exceed customer requirements and offers uncompromising accuracy.

At the end of 2019, the Micro Center YMC 650 with an extended stroke and larger table was presented. A new HSK E40 spindle and a new rotary-swivel table with high positioning accuracy enable a wider range of 5-axis machining.

"With the new, larger spindle in the YMC650, users achieve higher stock removal rates with the same level of precision," promises Hideo Sueda, European Sales Manager at YASDA. The new high-speed spindle HSK E40 with 35,000 rpm. was newly developed for both 3-axis and 5-axis machining on the YMC650. It is designed to be particularly rigid and low-vibration in order to achieve high productivity on the one hand and high machining on the other.
µ-precise positioning realized
All axes of the YMC 650 are driven by very fast, high-speed linear motors. They ensure high-precision positioning in the range of less than one micrometer. The machine can be equipped with an extended tool changer for up to 102 tools (with E40 spindle) and the new RT-20 rotary-swivel table with an enlarged table surface. A machining center that makes high-quality finishing easy to implement.

The YASDA machines are equipped with the new iHMI (intelligent Human Machine Interface), based on the Fanuc controller 31i B5, and it makes the machining center particularly user-friendly and easy to program.

In the climate-controlled showrooms of near Stuttgart, the highest levels of accuracy can be demonstrated using the latest Zeiss measurement technology. Schedule an appointment.