Product novelty 01. April 2020

Agathon Mini Fine Centering

Multi-cavity molds – Higher precision for
floating mold inserts thanks to mini fine centering
Initial situation |
Previous approach
● To be able to close floating mold
inserts with high precision, the
inserts are centered using friction
style side or tapered locks.
Disadvantage: Early wear and
increased play
● Conventional centering systems
take up a lot of space and adjustment
time. Producing the pockets
is also expensive and inaccurate
Expensive, wear on inserts, space
The Agathon concept
● The mold inserts are centered without play at each closing. Only one half of
the two inserts is floating
● Agathon mini fine centering units including cage retaining system serve as
the centering system
● Mold inserts can therefore be centered backlash-free, without wear and
with high precision – for light and precise centering applications
● In addition, the mini fine centering takes up very little space. A compact tool
design is therefore guaranteed
● Depending on the material hardness of the mold insert, the respective centering
bushing can be omitted